Consult Medley, (CMP) is an online digital advertising company geared towards assisting artists and small businesses. Consult Medley Publishing, started in 2008 has assisted hundreds of artists and art organizations with projects. CMP, a registered small and emerging business has worked with non-profits to teaching elderly and youth art and technology skills. We pride ourselves with the services we provide in the community, our programming and classes have been executed at:

*Shreveport Regional Arts Council, Unscene Events/Art Break

*Shreveport Parks and Recreation After School Arts

*WNY Queen City Pop Up Shop

*The Nehemiah Foundation Summer Camp

* Freedom Schools Summer Camps

*Turning Point Summer Camps

*Buffalo Public Schools- Western, New York

*Buffalo School Board Elected Members/Ethics Committee

*Lake Point Community College

*Rudeboyz Artworks 

and many others. We encourage you to choose our team. Set your appointment Today.


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