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The success of any business or product starts with the indentity. We at CMP understand how important branding yourself can be. We work with you to find the most professional and expressive way to coin your phrase. Whether we need to design your logo, graphics, stationary, or content for landing pages or websites. 

Company T-shirts

Company Flyers

Company Landing Pages

Radio Ads

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Get your company logo design starting at $265.00

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Digital Design $150.00

Landing pages, Social Media Page Creation $100.00 with 1 month free monitoring and building

Radio Ads $35.00 with CMBR Radio Show, get your music in show rotation no cost.

Commercial Ad & Placement

Lingerie Web Design

Television and Radio Ad prices vary with project call for pricing.

Website Design,determined by content and execution

Postcard, Determined by Design

Podcast by Slot Schedule